Safety Management

Chemical Factory

Solar powered Bluetooth gateway, no maintenance needed.

—  Real Time Tracking

Employee, visitor, third party worker.

—  Geo-Fence

Flexible privilege definition.

—  Alarm

Abnormal stay alarm.

—  Security Check

Flexible check task definition.

—  Filling Station

Vehicle tracking and Filling station usage efficiency statistics.

Asset Tracking


The scenario is based on reversed bluetooth tracking technology, small size, long standby time, no integrated wiring construction.

—  Vehicle positioning and assets

Seamless tracking, real-time search, increase efficiency.

—  Real Time Tracking

Increase staff, facility management efficiency and improve service quality.

—  Geo-Fence

Support geo-fence privilege assignment.

—  Abnormal Retention Alarm

Automatic alarm is trigger if case of abnormal retention.

—  Illegal Removal Alarm

Active BLE tag, small size, 2-year standby time, automatic alarm is triggered in case of illegal removal of the tag.

Personnel Management

Construction Field

Improve safety and efficiency with the advanced helmet wearing detection and behavior analysis.

—  Geo-Fence

Automatic voice remind around the area of deep foundation pit.

—  The working status of intelligent analysis.

—  Real-time attendance

—  Ultra-long standby time.

—  Support voice alarm.

—  RFID supported.

—  Real-name authentication.

—  Safety certification.

Smart Bracelet


The youth wear smart bracelets, security wear badges.

—  Real time tracking.

—  Heart rate monitor.

—  Step counting.

—  SOS button.