Patient & Quarantined People Tracking
1 | Use Cases
Lansitec B-mobile tracking use cases
In the case of global pandemic, it becomes increasingly important to manage the flow of patients and
quarantined people in a bid to keep the situation contained.
Therefore, we propose this solution to help achieve that. When the patient wears the Bluetooth bracelet,
the Bluetooth bracelet reads bio-information and geo-information from the patient and sends them to the
server via gateways.
Then, managers of the system can acquire the patient’s current location, set geo-fence, and monitor the
patient’s health condition.
2 | System Configuration
Lansitec B-mobile tracking solution
Bracelet: Heart rate, step count, position
Battery-powered Bluetooth Gateway: Positioning interval: 1minutes, Standby time: 18 months,
Dimension: 158×90×60mm, Protocol: Bluetooth 5.0, LoRaWAN1.0.2B
LoRa gateway: Data forwarding between Bluetooth gateway and cloud.
Web app: people count, position report, indoor map, geo-fence etc.
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