VG03 Bluetooth Bracelet
The Bluetooth bracelet supports skin temperature monitoring
and high-precision heart rate monitoring. It has built-in NFC
and Beacon/high thermal conductivity heat-sensitive film.
Therefore, with the built-in NTC algorithm, it continuously
measures the skin temperature of users’ wrists. The bracelet
can also perform positioning and data transmission with
the help of our Bluetooth gateways.

The measuring temperature range of the bracelet is between
32°C and 42°C(±0.2°C)
Key Features
Compatible with IOS9.0 and above, Android 5.0 and above
Support: Step count, high-precision heart rate monitoring, real-time notification, Beacon broadcasting,
support Bluetooth base station alert, batch time calibration, message storage, support entering and
displaying student information
Technical Specifications
Chip Manufacturer Huiding
Flash Memory 16Mbit
Screen Size 1.3 inch TFT-LCD
Resolution 240*240
Touch Support
Bluetooth Protocol Bluetooth 5.0
Beacon Protocol iBeacon
G-Sensor Support
Heart Rate High-precision heart rate module
Skin Temperature 32℃ ~ 42℃(±0.2℃)
Battery Type Polymer lithium battery
Capacity 150mAh
Charging Method Charging dock
Waterproof Level IP67
Charging Time Charging Time
Life Time 5-10 days when in use, >30 when in standby mode
Wristband Size Total length 210mm, adjustable length 120~200mm
Appearance Material Wristband: TPU Body: Zinc alloy