VG07 Bluetooth Bracelet
The Bluetooth Bracelet supports heart rate monitoring, step
count, positioning and various features.

The bracelet will constantly broadcast iBeacon information
according to settings. It can also perform positioning and data
transmission with the help of our Bluetooth gateways.

The bracelet can also be connected to the cellphone directly,
which enables more functions, including cellphone notification
and incoming call alert. (Positioning function and cellphone
connecting function cannot be used simultaneously)
Key Features
Compatible with IOS9.0 and above, Android 4.4 and above
Support: Touch, G-sensor, step count, distance, calories, sleep monitoring, vibration motor, goal completion
reminder, alarm, incoming call, heart rate, air update Do not support: USB, distance sensor, blood pressure, light sensor, screen saver, brightness
adjustment,memory extension, UV, GPS
Technical Specifications
RAM 64kB
Flash 512kB
Main Chip Nordic 52832
Bluetooth Protocol Bluetooth 4.2
Beacon Protocol iBeacon
Appearance Material Wristband: TPU Body: ABS+PC
Waterproof Level IP67
Battery Capacity 60mAh
Standby Time 21days
OLED OLED, 0.86’, resolution: 96*32, white
Battery Display 0~5 Level
Backlight Time 8 seconds
G-sensor 3D accelerated ROHMS
Charging USB charging, 5V