Badge Bluetooth Beacon
The beacon constantly broadcasts iBeacon
information according to settings. It has two built-in
CR2032 button cells. The broadcasting interval is 1
second. The maximum standby time is approximately
1 year.
Technical Specifications
Chip Nordic nRF52810
Dimensions 92 × 62 × 7mm
Protocol iBeacon
Emission Power 4dBm to -20dBm in 4dB steps (Bluetooth 5.0)
Coverage Range >100m (sight distance can reach 200m)
Broadcast Interval 100ms ~ 5s adjustable
Battery 2 x CR2032(560mAh)
Sensitivity 97dBm
Battery Life One year (signal emission power 0dBm, 1s interval)
Charge Jack Micro USB
Supply Capacity >300k/month
Certifications Exib II CT4