i3 Portable Bluetooth Label
The label continuously broadcasts iBeacon
information according to settings. It broadcasts built-
in gyroscope sensor parameters when it's moved.

The compact size makes it convenient to install. It
helps clients better manage the location, status and
usage rate of the asset, and location of personnel.

Use cases: personnel tracking and check-in,
interactive advertising, real-time message push of
geo-location, asset tracking, usage rate calculation of
ma-chines and sports facilities.
Key Features
Compact design
Support simultaneous multi-frame broadcasting (maximum 6-frame)
Support gyroscope
Support a variety of flexible triggers
Technical Specifications
Material ABS757
Color White
Dimension 36.5 × 23.7 × 5.0mm
Weight 6.2g
Installation Method Double-side Adhesive Paste
Protocol iBeacon
Bluetooth Protocol 4.2
Broadcast Power -40~+4dBm
Broadcast Interval 100ms~5s
Transmission Distance 120 meters in sight distance
Security Support password connection and non-continuous mode, prevent malicious connection
Standby Current ≤5μA
Peak Current 8mA
Average Current 51μA (standard 6-frame broadcast)
Battery Model CR2032
Battery Capacity 230mAh
Battery Life 0dBm, 5s broadcasting interval, 3 years on average
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