i4 Asset Management Label
The label constantly broadcasts iBeacon information
according to settings. It has built-in light sensor. When
the sensor is covered, it broadcasts 0. When the
sensor receives light, it broadcasts 1.

Its compact size makes it convenient for clients to
perform tracking manage-ment on the location and
status of assets.
Key Features
Ultra low power consumption, average working current <10μA
Plastic-shell anti-removal asset management label with built-in light sensor, alarm will be triggered when removed
Up to 100m communication distance
Ultrasonic welding, up to IP66 water proof
5-year battery life
Technical Specifications
Induction Mode Bluetooth Broadcasting
Protocol iBeacon
Material ABS, Black
Dimensions 42.5 × 23.5 × 5.3mm
Industrial Grade IP66
Communication Mode Bluetooth 4.2
Communication Frequency 1Mbit/s
Working Frequency iBeacon
Frequency Offset ≤±50KHz
Output Power 0dBm
Quiescent Current < 3μA
Peak Current < 7mA
Average Current < 10μA
Battery Model CR2032
Battery Capacity 220mAh
Battery Life 5 years (10 seconds interval)
Operating Temperature -20°C~+45°C
Storage Temperature -30°C~+65°C
Light Sensor Sensor window covered(0) or open(1)
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