Bluetooth Beacon
The beacon constantly broadcasts iBeacon
information according to settings. It has built-in
high-capacity button cell. The broadcasting
interval is 500ms. The maximum standby time is
approximately 6 years.

The beacon is mainly used for indoor tracking. It
can also be attached to assets and therefore used
for asset tracking with the help of our Bluetooth
Technical Specifications
Chip TI CC2640R2F
Dimension 62×19mm (D×H)
Weight 43g
Shell Material ABS
Protocol iBeacon
Emission Power -21dBm ~ 5dBm
Coverage Range 80m, sight distance
Broadcast Interval 100ms ~ 10s adjustable
Battery CR2477 x 2, 2000mAh
Sensitivity -97dBm
Battery Life 6 Years (0dBm, 0.5s transmit interval)
Supply Capacity >300k/month