Bluetooth Positioning: B-Fixed
1 | Use Cases
Lansitec B-fixed tracking use cases
Chemical factory: Worker tracking with badge or helmet tracker
Construction site: Worker tracking with badge or helmet tracker
Security check
Indoor and outdoor tracking in warehouse, airport, factory.
Drilling platform worker tracking

System features:
Real-time check-in, Geo-fence, Alarm, Helmet wearing detection, Step count, Fall detection and alarm,Motion sensing
2 | System Configuration
Lansitec B-mobile tracking solution
3 | Dataflow
1. Deploy Bluetooth Beacons in fixed locations, for example a check point or room.
2. Beacon sends UUID, major, minor .etc. periodically. The maximum transmit distance is 50m.
3. Badges and trackers receive beacon information and forward it to LoRa Gateway. Transmit distance is longer than 1km.
4. The server calculates the coordinate and displays it in the APP.
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