Indoor & Outdoor Tracking
1 | Use Cases
Lansitec indoor and outdoor tracking use cases
Offshore worker tracking
Chemical factory: Worker tracking with badge or helmet tracker
Construction site: Worker tracking with badge or helmet tracker
Security check
Indoor and outdoor tracking in warehouse, airport, factory.

System features:
Real-time check-in, Geo-fence, Alarm, Helmet wearing detection, Step count, Fall detection and alarm,Motion sensing
2 | System Configuration
Lansitec indoor and outdoor tracking solution
3 | Dataflow
1. This solution uses Bluetooth for indoor positioning and GPS for outdoor tracking.
2. The tracker turns on GPS when no specific Bluetooth beacon can be received.
3. With the help of our unique LoRaWAN Bluetooth gateway the tracker can be used to track people or an asset in a confined space, i.e. a cabin, metal container, or a house. Please contact us for detailed information.
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